As the majority of our volunteers come from a military background, they are familiar with what equipment works for them in the field.  Task Force 75 deploys to remote areas with very little initial support or creature comforts.  The goal of the organization is to be able to provide sustainment to our volunteer teams as they conduct coordinated missions in support of our stated purposes.  The volunteers should be free to travel light and link up with the Response Operations Center (R.O.C.) in the affected area.

Below is a basic list of gear to consider:

  1. Sturdy Rucksack

  2. Knife

  3. Wet Weather Gear

  4. Head Lamp and Flashlight w/batteries

  5. Poncho Liner

  6. Sun Block

  7. Insect Repellant 

  8. Socks 

  9. Shower Shoes / Flip Flops

  10. Towel and Hygiene Kit

  11. Water Purification Device / Tablets

  12. Wide-Brimmed Hat

  13. Foot Powder

  14. Lightweight Ripstop Cargo Pants (2 pair minimum)

  15. Shorts

  16. T-Shirts (3 each)

  17. Belt

  18. Camelback / Canteen / Water Bottle

  19. 1st Aid Kit (Personal)

  20. 550 Para-Cord

  21. Gloves

  22. Eye Protection

  23. Ear Plugs

  24. Food for 3 Days

  25. Watch

  26. Compass

  27. Lighter

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